Employment Law

We stay abreast of changes in this practice area as well as understanding case law that could affect our clients’ industries and businesses. We continually look ahead to be prepared for any potential legal threat that could become a problem for your business. Because of our firm’s experience and longevity in handling legal business needs, we feel strongly that we can advise you of the best approach to reach legal resolution. It makes sense to decide early if the possibility of resolving a dispute can be done cooperatively to avoid expensive adversarial litigation and time consumption.

In some cases, an adversarial resolution is eminent and may be the only way to resolve the issues. Additionally, in some instances, such as in discrimination or sexual harassment cases, your reputation and business position will be very important to you. We will skillfully and effectively work to maintain the reputation you have worked so hard to obtain. We are prepared to meet your objectives in any area that involves employment law disputes or litigation. If we can’t negotiate a low-conflict agreement, then our team of attorneys can effectively represent you in any state or federal court proceeding to reach resolution.

We recognize the seriousness and the concern employers have in the area of wrongful termination, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual orientation harassment/discrimination, family medical leave, age discrimination, disability discrimination, union matters, wrongful termination, and retaliatory employment termination. This is why we partner with the client to understand the nature of the case and the magnitude of any claim made against the employer, their management, other employees, or officers of the organization.

Our investigation with your team of management and human resource professionals is essential to protecting your short and long term interests. Together, we will unfold the facts and details that will hold the answers to solving these types of problems that inevitably cause disruption in your business and take you away from your mission. We know the importance of these matters, and will work to reach alternatives that minimize your exposure and overall conflict between affected employees and with your management team. These goals are essential in moving forward, during and, after the conflict has been resolved.